hello everyone--

i have been documenting my children's lives since 2009. i didn't have any motive in the beginning other than discovering photography as a new-found past time. 

and one day, a friend asked me to photograph a wedding. then the rest was history. for the next 8 years, photographing weddings was the creative outlet for me, because a big part of producing a good story was simply observing, journaling what i saw. i was lucky to be working with a partner who later on became and still is a good friend. together we have made good memories traveling all across the country meeting different couples, telling their stories.

in the midst of photographing other people's lives, i continued to document the lives of my three growing children...and now, life as a foster parent. this roller coaster ride at times can be very difficult, but it has been an incredible journey of growth, both for me and for the kids. in this particular season, i am learning to embrace, trust and enjoy the ride. in the end, i realize we each play a role in a Great Story that is written by God.

so...here i am, offering a part of myself, the part not only as a photographer (i really dislike that word), but as a mother, to you. i hope you enjoy this small part of this Great Story.