a year and a half ago we made a life-altering decision to homeschool. i never thought we would be walking on this path one day; but there was a steady nudge in my heart. even though i didn't understand this nudge fully, i knew this : it meant i were to give up pursuing my wants now for the sake of my children's later. it also meant i were to be still and trust the Lord for this sacred calling. my pride didn't take this well. it has been a daily surrender. but His way is always better than my plans for myself. what i expected was constantly making mistakes and losing control. what I didn't expect was despite all the mistakes i'm making during a typical week 'in school,' there is also much joy and peace that come with this experience...and-9 road trps later(!)-all the sweet memories we are building.

may this coming new year be a blessed one for you. cheers to 2016!