going back to school...at home

a year ago, both my husband and i felt the calling to pull our two older kids out of public school. homeschooling had always been a foreign term to me. in my mind, only a certain type of families homeschooled. they usually lived on a farm, had 6 or 7 kids, and the girls wore long skirts. having gone to public schools all my life, my ignorant mind couldn't comprehend that homeschooling didn't limit to just one kind of method.

when i started doing my research on homeschooling, i was completely overwhelmed by all the different kinds of ways a family could school its children. but somehow the name charlotte mason kept popping up and the name stuck with me. curious, i researched on her methods and i was immediately drawn to them--children were encouraged to go outdoors, read classic literature that contained moral values and good vocabularies, training the children to adapt learning as a lifelong process were all the goods that captivated my heart. 

so...without completely knowing what i was doing, we began our first year's homeschooling journey. looking back, i tried the best i knew how to educate them the charlotte mason way. i am sure i didn't do it right in so many aspects. but one thing i learned during the first year was...i had to completely let go my controlling and worries. if God had called us to homeschool the CM way (which i truly believed He did,) He would sustain us. and He did. even if it meant not knowing exactly what we were doing the very next day. the biggest reward was being able to give my older two the freedom to just be kids. there was no having to sit a certain way, no long lessons that would probably bore them eventually, no drilling worksheets, no being caged inside a building for six hours straight. they learned through experiencing, exploring new worlds in the books they had (www.amblesideonline.org,) and through playing. i thanked the Lord each and every day for the opportunity to provide them a real childhood...something i never got to experience.

people have been asking me many questions. and i have been completely honest with myself and with them. i have no idea how long we would be called to homeschool. i have no idea if charlotte mason would always be how i choose to homeschool. but as the first day of school is approaching, i am only certain that we are to do this again this coming school year. we have the books and weekly schedule ready...and that is about it. the only other thing we will really need is His daily grace...but i know it will be provided.

our year 2 books. you can get the complete list from ambleside online dot org.

our year 2 books. you can get the complete list from ambleside online dot org.