this sweet season

as we wrapped up our second term of this school year early this morning, i was forced to face the reality that we still have one more term (12 weeks) to go. i remember a lifetime ago, when i was still teaching in a classroom setting, around this time of the year was perhaps the hardest time to endure during the 180 days of school. summer was so close i could almost taste it; yet the truth was school was still in session. years later, even though i no longer teach in a classroom setting, this mentality still rings true. 

this is our second year treading on this still-unfamiliar waters of homeschooling. even though my heart resonates with the charlotte mason method ever since the beginning, every day is still a learning process. i don't have it together all the time and i struggle with impatience. sometimes we forget to do our history and sometimes we omit science on purpose simply because we just don't feel it. 

but we also have the freedom to go on a trail and climb on boulders with some friends and call it a good day at school. or we entertain (or act on) the thought of abandoning our weekly plans for a few good books to read instead. sometimes a school day is simply to start and finish dirty laundry. other times it means we get to go on a road trip during the week. these sweet opportunities to make memories with my three growing children and the chance to teach them simple life skills outweighs any benefit that may come with 'following the rules.'


homeschooling may not be for every family. that was my thought until i began to do my own learning and research almost two years ago. one of the most important lessons i have learned during this period of discovery was that i really didn't know much about this subject. all the preconceived notions i had about homeschooling were based on my own ignorance and lack of knowledge. ironically, i have been trying to teach my kids to not make a judgement on something (or someone) until they really get to know it (him/her.) for our family, as of this specific season in life, we are called to homeschool. i can't foresee the future and i do not know where we will be in five years, two years, or even next year. i just know we are called to trust the Lord's calling to do this one year, one term, one season at a time. and while i am in it, even though it does get difficult, it is always a sweet season.