the simply reading project

hey! so, thanks for being interested in doing this simply reading project with us. our greatest hope is for each of us to gain an understanding of what grace looks like on a daily basis. i'm going to be completely honest with you...for a LONG time, i struggle really hard with placing my identity in the wrong place. stepping away from that place, finding the right books to read and praying more than ever in the last year have really helped me refocus. 

back in january, molly, courtney and i started reading simply tuesday by emily p. freeman and did a weekly project based on the book. you can see the whole entire project here. we have learned so much both together and personally. because we had so much fun doing it, we have decided to do it again...and this time we would love to invite you to join us!

so, here are some details on this simply reading {photo} project, if you'd like to join us:

-please get a copy of Gloria Furman's Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home. you can either get a hard copy or the kindle version. it doesn't matter. we will start emailing the weekly quote starting tuesday, may 10th. our hope is to do one chapter per week. but you're welcome to do it at your own pace. :)

-email me ( ) or leave me a comment under my instagram post about this (or molly's, or courtney's) about your interest in joining this project, so we can send you our 'weekly quote' (from each chapter.) once you have the quote, you get to create an image every week based on your interpretation of this quote. 

-in your email, also let me know your website/blog address. this way we can hop over and visit your beautiful stories!

-if you'd like to post your pictures on instagram, please remember to #simplyreadingproject.

again, we are hoping you will find some deeper meaning in managing your daily mundane and a satisfying stillness by doing this project with us. don't worry too much about the weekly deadlines. we missed some of them, too! although we do love to connect and network via social media, that is not the sole meaning of this project. we hope to help you find a tool to create more calm in the midst of your {already} chaos by meditating on meaningful words and some quiet time. please do spread the word if you think someone may benefit from this! and in doing so, we pray that you will learn something great about yourself and the gospel of grace. cheers!