summer is over

just like that, summer is over. even though the calendar does not officially announce the arrival of fall for another few weeks, many of us are sitting here envisioning the next few months: cooler (finally!) temperature, apple picking, cider, scarves, boots, and how the world around us is about to turn into shades of yellow, orange and red.

i am, and probably forever will be, a summer gal. i like fall, but i don't love what comes i usually just tell people i don't like fall. besides, summer always reminds me of the good memories i have growing up in southern california. and honestly, it is during the summer season i see how much the kids are growing. and i also just love all the memories we are making in these three short months, even when we are not road-tripping and the only outing is the local pool.

so, yeah. here are some little snippets of some of my favorites from this year. the greatest thing about them is that each of these tell a different story about the last three months.